The Waintrob Project for the Visual Arts

To Further Creation, Knowledge, and Enjoyment of our Artistic Heritage

The Waintrob Brothers
Abraham and Sidney Waintrob
"The Boys"

The Waintrob brothers, Abraham (Bud) and Sidney, known to their friends as “The Boys” worked as professional photographers for more than half a century. They also were very active socially within the dynamic communities of artists based in the United States and Europe, and while they made their living by equestrian photography, they spent their leisure hours photographing their artist friends and documenting their creative world. The result, in part, is a collection of classic photographic portraits that capture the personalities and creativity of many of the leading American and European artists, curators, critics, and art entrepreneurs of the twentieth century.

The Waintrob Photographs have exhibited and are in the permanent collections in Museums and Galleries around the world.