The Waintrob Project for the Visual Arts

To Further Creation, Knowledge, and Enjoyment of our Artistic Heritage

About the Waintrob Project

The Waintrob Project for the Visual Arts, Inc. is a charitable, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to public benefit through the creation, preservation, public education and public enjoyment of the fine visual arts and photography. It strives to encourage the work of promising new artists and photographers, both individually and through community support; to preserve the work of outstanding artists, photographers, cinematographers and other contributors to the world of the visual arts; to educate and enrich the public through exhibits and media presentations of those lives and works; and to encourage academic research in the visual arts and photography.

Current projects include the preservation and archiving of a major art collection, the organizing of a public art and photography exhibition, and the establishment of one or more art resource centers through which promising members of the art, photographic, and other artistically innovative communities can find facility support and creative working environments, where researchers can find selected materials of interest, and where the public can attend exhibits and educational presentations.